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I don’t know who to be angrier at, Leopold or Cora. That’s just sick. Poor Regina. Like. Really. Wow.

Mad props to Lana for putting up with all the crap thrown at Regina. Girl can’t catch a break. Ever. But, man, has it even sunk in yet that her mom was going to marry Leopold? That Regina was a vehicle to LITERALLY do what Cora couldn’t? Because I’d be so disturbed.

Correction: I AM so disturbed.

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We get it. Robin has the lion tattoo. No need to give it a close-up literally every second Robin is on screen. It’s not even a good lion tattoo. It’s quite ugly.

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Regina summoned Cora, her mother, back from the dead to properly meet her girlfriend, Emma.

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OUAT people: “You guys need to ship CaptainSwan!”

Zelena: “Hook, next time you kiss Emma, everything that makes her special will disappear.”

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People who complain about SwanQueen because Regina is technically Emma’s step-grandmother but ship CaptainSwan confuse me. Hook was in love with, had sex with, etc. Henry’s biological grandmother aka the mother of Neal, the one guy we know Emma has loved (minus Walsh, whom I’m pretty relieved to know wasn’t originally a monkey). Like that’s creepier than Emma loving this woman who has raised Henry for eleven years and was forced into a twisted, loveless marriage when she was barely legal.

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damelola: #again #does anyone have a plausible explanation for this scene? #other than sexual undercurrents? #because Lana sitting on the desk is certainly playing it that way #it was her choice and the director agreed #so did Jen and her nipples #APPARENTLY

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Here’s the thing: if this was any other show and you had the sassy boss in the skirt perched on a desk showing her legs, waiting with one haughty eyebrow raised and a dangerous smile dancing around her lips, and a man walked in to find her in his office like that, the scene would be accepted as all about sexual power plays. Not just territorial but sexual. Just because Emma is female shouldn’t negate that. It doesn’t for me.
I know it caused a lot of straight people to go whaaaat? Because they also recognised the trope and it confused them seeing it with two women for once. That was a very sexy, sensual, eyepopping scene. This is what I missed about Once in S2.

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"I discovered what is and isn’t important to me. I decided I really wanted to enjoy life with someone fun, who can make the best out of any situation - whatever it is we’re doing."

Happy 35th Birthday, Jennifer Morrison! ~ (April 12, 1979)

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